End-of year-review 2017

We built up a sewing school at Beso Foundation, Wanteete.100 girls are learning to sew. Besides this the school uniforms can be sewed in school, now.

Thank you so much for the support of following enterprises:,,

Thank you Maximilian Bloch ( for organization the fundraising “Drunk doing Good”, the mentioned enterprises have taken part.

Also we could found a library in Wanteete because of a fundraising by the employees of Mahagoni Music Club, Augsburg ( The pupils and students have access to books, this is improving education a lot. Thank you so much!

At Rainbow House of Hope, Kampala we installed a watertank, rainwater is collected and can be used for all the facilities.
We planted trees at the agriculture project of Rainbow House.Furthermore we go on distributing afripads and moscitonets (see DONATIONS)

Thank you very much to all our supporters, godparents and friends!

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Newspaper Artikel – Augsburger Allgemeine

Thank you very much to the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper for the great article, about our charity project Towanika!

Brigitte Ross-artikel









Brigitte Ross-artikel

Two new chimneys at Victory Primary School

December 2016

Our new school buildings at Victory Primary School are finished.
Two new chimneys have been installed in the school kitchen. The smoke caused difficulties to teach the children.

Kamine für die Schulküche

mosquito net and reading glasses

Distribution of mosquito nets for elder and pregnant women, who are specially endangered too lose the baby, getting malaria infected by mosquitos.
As well we examined with help of an eye doctor 500 kids in Wanteete St. Mark school of eye problems and distributed reading glasses for the teachers.
Thank you all for your help!





Thank you very much to the company Sinngold (!

Because of being part of the action DO GOOD DRUNK we could buy with the donation big sauce pans for Wanteete, to cook for around 500 kids.


Projects February/March 2016

Workshop for MIMI books
IMG_4942The Mimi Books Hanna Kristín launched at the elementary school in Wanteete. Caroline has this method introduced by teachers in collaboration with Amisa.

Key word signing is for people of all ages who have speech and developmental language problems from causes other than deafness. In recent years it has become apparent that the method is very useful in a multicultural environment such as kindergartens and schools. The method is language stimulating for all young children and it is more than safe to encourage parents and teachers of young children to use key word signing as a language stimulation technique that readily and surely helps to speed up the pace of language development.

For more information about this method check

The teachers will use these books in the classroom but also start thinking about their own gestures with the children and sign it. So that new books geared arise at any age and needed. All teachers were very enthusiastic. Beso Foundation has agreed with Hanna that they will report about teaching with these booklets. And will also send some pictures.

You can follow this on facebook

Workshop “workbook for children Think good Feel good ‘

IMG_4947In the same school was evaluated from this workshop. A large number of teachers have followed this workshop last year. And now the new teachers are also trained. A number of this year have obtained their ‘Certificate of Attendance!’ Congratulations!


Training for teachers in the ST Moses in Jinja, ‘Cognitive Behavor Training’
These teachers are trained in the workshop ‘ Cognitive Behavor Training’ . An exercise that teaches you to understand behavior better by distinguishing facts and interpretations. This training was also attended by Robertson Rainbow House of Hope. He will coached by a teacher from the UK, James Newnman to introduce the workshop ‘ workbook for children ‘Think good Feel good ‘ at Rainbow House. There is a continuous line in the support and implantation.


Thanks to generous donors, there are nearly a hundred Afripads distributed to girls and young women. This happened at Rainbow House of Hope by Peggy, the counselor. On the Victory Primary School in Kazo (Kampala) and again at the elementary school in Wanteete. The girls feel very proud with this package and can expect their monthly period with less discomfort and embarrassment.

Peggy, the counselor of Rainbow House. Just graduated in psychology. A promising talent!

At Rainbow House are also the guys involved in the explanation. This was a great success. Of course there was giggling but everyone took it seriously and know things what these girls must endure. Girls are mocked at elementary schools and bullied when they are menstruating. They cannot clean themselves himself in school, and they regularly lose blood. But that is solved for at least one year. The package contains four pads and with good use (washing and drying) can use one year.

Gifts are always be welcome so that the children can at least finish primary school without interruptions.




Afripads provides girls and young women a future

Through facebook page TOWANIKA and e-mail the action WOMEN FOR WOMEN is started and already successful!
This action aims to purchase Afripads for girls in primary school. AFRIpads is a sanitary napkin that is washable, 12-month useful, absorbent (6 to 10 hours), provided with a soft coating, environment-friendly and costs only 4 euros per Menstrual Kit.
Our foundation Towanika buys this product directly from the headquarter in Kampala and brings it in person to the schools we work with.

Meanwhile we have a commitment from an annual donation of 200 euros and many other gifts. Also an action is being organized this year by two people who manage a boardinghouse for young adults. In short, we can buy new Afripads again in February and travel to Wantetee and Kampala to support many girls, young women of sanitary napkins. For them, a luxury which is actually supposed to be a necessity of life.

Dianne and the children

Dianne met haar pupillen, in het  kleine kantoortje. Maar super gezellig (2)Dianne with several children in her office in Kampala,Kazo.The children enjoy her presence.






happy holidays (1)Happy holidays,the holidays have begun.Bye,bye teacher Dianne!






News from Dianne

Dianne voor de klas (1)Dianne,teacher on a Primary School:”A teacher takes a hand,opens a mind and reaches a heart.”


DSC_1067We are proud that we could give support to buy first package of reusable sanitary pads ( and introduce under ward of Beso Foundation to the girls and teachers at Wanteete school.

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