Since July 2014, we are a member of the group FILL VZW (Forum Intercultural Living and Learning) in Augsburg. We enjoy being a part of that group. Thank you FILL!

FILL stands for “Forum Intercultural Living and Learning” and it is an initiative which seeks for dialogue, mutual understanding and a peaceful society based on social justice between people of different cultures in Augsburg and beyond.

FILL is a non-profit association and is focused on raising:

  • International mind and relations
  • Mutual understanding between cultures concerning their valuable and problematic aspects
  • Projects for mutual trust
  • Cultural tolerance in the context of human rights and based on social justice.

The association strives only and directly for charity purposes.

FILL achieves its goals through the following activities:

  • Acting on the psychic in the intercultural field.
  • Participation in adult education and youth-related events.
  • Organizing lectures, discussion groups, seminars and cultural events for and with foreign citizens.
  • Influencing school activities on intercultural matters

FILL encourages and supports, organizes and starts projects, starts connection and works together. Since 1995, FILL gives the annual “Augsburg’s Science Award for Intercultural Studies”, that is granted by the University, the city of Augsburg and FILL. In Germany, this award is one of the most prestige award for young scientist in this domain. The projects that are dedicated to the intercultural actuality in Germany are awarded, because they clear the road to an open society with their questions and answers.

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