Uganda, “The pearl of Africa”, with unique landscapes, tropical rainforests in the West and the natural habitat of the last mountain gorilla’s and chimpanzees, multiple national Parcs, land of the thousands seas, mysterious Rwenzori-mountains and now a peaceful, modern country with numerous problems.

Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world. More than 38% of the citizens live on $1,25 per day. A family usually consist of 20 members, with care-dependent, aids orphans et cetera and these form the social network. Social security is therefore an unknown word.

There is obligatory education for children under 15 years old, and each citizen has the right to 7 years of education. But, most children don’t go to school, because they have to contribute to making a living, take care of younger brothers or sisters, or because the school fees cannot be paid (for school material, uniform, etc.). Furthermore, schools are far away and in most cases it’s necessary to provide accommodation.

The so-called “Medical Care Centers” from the government are usually run-down and poor. The steady grow of the population (9th place worldwide) contribute to the fact that this country has to deal with a lot of problems.
Education is a condition to rise out the poverty. To make more education in Uganda possible, volunteers started the TOWANIKA project in 2014. This concept means in Luganda: “NEVER GIVE UP!”.

The initiators are in Uganda several times a year to make sure that their help is used right.



With pleasure you can visit our projects and we can take you for safari to know the country and his people. (www.sanyusafaris.com)


Pupils Victory Primary school


Medical care center

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