Since 2014 we support the Victory Primary School in Kampala, Kazo (in one of the four slums of Kampala) and since 2015 in a rural region, at St. Marks School,Wanteete, Kayunga District and since 2016 at Rainbow House of Hope for the youth in Kampala.


Victory Primary School:

  • Renovation of the roof of the school
  • Mattresses for Boarding School
  • Mosquito nets for the Boarding School
  • Improvement of the fireplace (this can save more than two thirds of the firewood for cooking)
  • Installing a water tank , to collect rainwater for drinking water
  • The old buildings without windows have been in danger of collapsing (in 2 classrooms of a size of 10 square meters! have been teached around 50 kids). We could built up new rooms for the children
  • In the school kitchen could be built 2 new chimneys. Now the smoke is not anymore drawing into the classrooms
  • Distribution of reusable sanitary pads ( to the needy girls.Girls often miss school because of having no access to monthly hygienical products


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Wanteete, Kayunga:

  • Support medical research for children
  • A concrete floor came into the kitchen and dishes are bought for the children
  • Sad, a 12 year old boy (pictured right) has since its third – because of poverty – untreated malaria. As a result, he became deaf and dumb, we could give him the opportunity to visit an appropriate school
  • Distribution of around 130 moscitonets, the most effectively malaria prophylaxis
  • We could also help the needy girls with afripads ( and got already a positive feedback in using it
  • At the place for cooking was built a roof to shelter of rain and we contributed dishes

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Rainbow House of Hope:

  • Contribution material for the scuffing school to manufacture goods and ensure income especially for single mothers
  • Organization of art workshops with El Seed Art have given knowledeges in Tshirt printing to use it for business
  • A volunteer could help the kids doing school homework and developing new ideas for school

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  • Purchase of required textbooks
  • Most children come from very poor families and cannot afford school fees Through school sponsorship and the support of their families, these children can be helped
  • Distribution of mosquito nets


Victory Primary School:

  • The school latrines for the 500 pupils are in very bad condition and not usable anymore in foreseeable time. We need urgently financial support to build new latrins
  • Most of the children are living under poor conditions and schoolfees are not affordable. School sponsorships could help


St. Marks School, Wanteete:

  • Actually we are planning to build up a scueing school, which improves community development and possibilities of income
  • We welcome also schoolsponsorship , often school is the only opportunity to get one warm meal daily
  • Installation of a water tank


Rainbow House of Hope:

  • The costs of water are regularly increasing. We intend to build up a watertank to collect rainwater.Money can be saved and be used for scueing or school material
  • Support of young women getting an education as taylor or hairdresser. The future is also craft in Uganda

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  • Workshops for teachers to improve the quality of education
  • An art class for children
  • Art workshops with El Seed Art
  • Workshops for teacher with Caroline van Duuren
  • Distribution of mosquito nets
  • Support the needy girls with afripads to keep them visiting school



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