Deeply touched by a trip through this authentic country, we started our friendship with the Ugandan Tour Organisator Warren Ankwasa, who has established the contact between us and our German friends

We are a German-Dutch Team, and we will introduce us:

Our projects are targeted and offer children perspectives. The phrase “helping people to help themselves” is the base of our actions.


„My goal is to respect the way of life and the culture of the people, to understand their needs, and to encourage them with our ‘tools’ to create their own way.“

Brigitte Ross (employee of the Maximilianmuseum in Augsburg)


„I think that every child has rights to learn, play and speak. My goal is that the children in Uganda know that there voice is precious and heard. They are the future.“

Caroline van Duuren (teacher, pedagogue with her own practice)


„Using our wealth in education and money in a way that keeps on having results; I think that is a beautiful, exciting and creative task.“

Dagobert Ross  (general practitioner at a general practice)


„I want to support schools, good learning conditions for children and enable good education conditions for teachers, and to involve locals for that.“

Dirk Kamper (inventory manager at an international seed company)

Together, we are committed to achieve education, health, nutrition and access to clean drinking water, and at the same time aid a ‘community development’. The phrase “helping people to help themselves” is the base of our projects and vision.

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