The school system is incomparable with the standard school system in Europe. Since the indepence in 1962, learning methods haven’t changed. The school system is based on the one from that time, that was introduced in the period of the British protectorate more than 100 years ago! Teachers barely know discretion and own initiative, and along with overcrowded classrooms, is that the reason that they do not have attention for the individual student. And that is so important. The personal interaction with students gives them self-confidence, causes higher ambitions in education and eventually causes better performances. There is no place for that in the rigid school system in Uganda. The children learn early on that copying schoolwork leads to success.


The experiences that you had in a western, modern school system are the basis for the right handling with the children. Teachers in Uganda can profit from your knowledge if you finished a degree for teaching elementary school or higher.

Due to lack of money, an education for teachers is not possible in Uganda. However, we’ve seen with our courses that there are people who are interested. TOWANIKA is closely connected with different organizations, like Gave International or the Beso Foundation.

A lot of these projects request volunteers that can deal with children and share their knowledge. Besides that, HIV-prevention and Hygiene are important subjects that need attention.


We offer flexible and personal mediation, because we are a relatively small organization. We will discover suitable work for your personal wishes and expectations in a personal interview. We value a thorough preparation of your stay abroad. You are prepared for your work for the project as well as the expected cultural, social and economic differences.

The contact in Europe is Caroline van Duuren.

You can sent an e-mail for questions abour our project to


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